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I have over 5 years experience when it comes to sports trading.  I have traded over 35,000 markets over the years and turnover millions of pounds in the exchanges on a monthly basis. I now aim to target the development of budding traders and newcomers with continuous trading content, all of which is available online and is designed to be digested at your own pace.

This unique trading community and educational portal is the only place on the web where you will see live trading videos using advanced audio commentary to explain in detail how to profit as a sports trader.  organised to assist you through the challenges of sports trading.








Jack Birkhead


My name is Jack Birkhead and I’ve been a full-time sports trader since 2005.

I’m 27 years old and was born in North Yorkshire. I have lived in Madrid and London whilst being a full-time trader, and the freedom that trading offers is something I was always looking for. It’s very much a lifestyle job that does not easily compare to your typical “nine to five”.

My journey has been an exciting experience, and the big reason I’m still happily trading today is because it gives me the freedom to live where I choose and be my own boss.

I believe a big part of trading successfully is identifying what edge I have in the market, and it’s all a probability game. I work at keeping my losses under control, and searching for opportunities that give me a good success rate. Everyday is a new challenge to me due to the ever changing markets so tweaking my style and adopting new techniques keeps me on my toes.

I’ve taught many people in small groups and in 1-1 sessions on my 3 to 6 day courses. The feedback given from students was consistently positive and I learnt that for them, the most rewarding part of their experience came from me analysing and explaining my trading videos. It gave them an insight into what aspects of trading are important, and how to clearly identify entry and exit points. Also learning the styles and techniques that I use on a daily basis completely changed many people’s approach to the markets. I wanted to recreate this experience as an online educational packages and this is how Sports Trading Journey was born.

Blog – www.full-timetradersmindset.blogspot.com

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