Season 1

Webinar 5th November

In the first ever released mastermind webinar you can expect to see a mixture of two extremes with a recording from Caan trading Kempton racecourse on a Monday afternoon when the markets are renowned for their poorer quality and volatile movements emphasising how its important to make the most of this opportunity.

Also you can expect to see Jack apply himself to two races where its thick and fast one after another! Its typical this type of situation arises on a bank holiday or in the mid summer where races are only 5 minutes apart, its analysis of the market at speed before getting involved and onto the next one.



Webinar 12th November

This mastermind webinar shows the end user how Jack applies himself to two typical Saturday afternoon races where exchange liquidity is of a typical level emphasising his energy on profiting from the market through scalping small movements. This is a good example if you are looking to make the most of the better quality races be it on big race days or Saturday afternoons.



Webinar 19th November

In this webinar Jack and Caan take the opportunity to explain their understanding of the markets with two races, in one an event is delayed due to an injury on course exposing the markets for the ‘bare bones’ without the majority of ‘market noise’ created by outside influences not present.

The second demonstrates a situation where it is quite noticeable to see and expect a ‘genuine gamble’ making the most of the trend while managing the position on the way to limit liability.



Webinar 26th November

Monday the 26th’s webinar is a masterclass in swing trading with a recording of Jack trading some shorter priced favourites identifying and catching those momentum swings you always feel frustrated you missed out on! The return on stake this week is pretty impressive, probably the fastest way to grow your bank.


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