Season 2

Webinar 3rd December

3rd of Decembers webinar is a real cracker with a top quality race being traded on a well known field, a real short price on the infamous Big Bucks see’s some high stakes action and the best possible stress free ‘edge’ we know to take with this kind of situation. Its a great insight into how to manage the odds to your advantage effectively.

Followed up with a race where there is an obvious gamble in a fairly sturdy market utilizing the fill rate produced by this situation!


Webinar 10th December

This week its all about ‘flip flopping favourites’ as Big Mac would say! Watch as two examples unfold of shorter priced runners flip flopping for favouritism while we explain their relationship to each other and the rest of the market. It’s often possible to catch a double move with runners effecting each other in this kind of situation.


Webinar 17th December

Bomb’s away this week! You may be aware that at times a particular ‘crazy punter’ known in the world of betfair trading as the ‘The Bomber’ appears sometimes and is know for dropping stakes of £20,000+ in the markets causing massive opportunity and a lot of danger, if you don’t know how to react this kind of situation it can be costly so have a look at how Caan approaches it and makes a healthy return!


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