Season 4

Webinar 4th February

Here we have two races traded by Caan showing everyone how to use the ‘natural price pivots’ in the market to the best of your advantage through two different examples of a slightly different nature, it’s likely to change your view on a few things!



Webinar 15th February

Swing trading is everybodies biggest interest it would seem with it being such a difficult technique to master. Here Jack show’s us how sometimes its important to maintain a ‘long term view’ and allow a swing to develop, probably one of the most efficient ways of using your bank.


Webinar 18th February

Due to popular demand this weeks webinar focuses on some slightly different aspects of trading, first off you will see Caan trade a busy Saturday afternoon at high speed scalping putting many stakes into the market explaining its all about what’s right in the moment, something often that gets forgotten! It’s then followed up with an explanation of how Cross-Matching on the exchange works, something that many don’t look into although is vital to at least understand the principal.


Webinar 25th February

With Cheltenham drawing near the pre-race trading juices are starting to flow and the markets liquidity is starting to pick up more in general, this week there are two very important races showing the power of higher liquid markets. First of there’s a Saturday feature race traded by Caan followed up with Jack trading Sprinter Sacre previously! They are rather different to the usual run of the mill racing so it’s vital to know how to adapt to them.


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